Happy April. All this artwork is from April. I have not travelled anywhere for a month and have sadly lost my job. I have been keeping busy by learning Japanese. I have not been writing much code as I have felt somewhat burnt out after finishing off at my job.


A portrait of roicehawdt from redditgetsdrawn. I have been working on my getsdrawn script that downloads images from redditgetsdrawn drawn, builds a nikola blogpost from it, and uses MS azure image to return info on the people in the image (gender, age, faceial expression). I wanted to build something that would help me filter certain images from rgd that I want to join.


A portrait with glasses peaking out from the landscape.


A vampire with a smile.


brawlers landscape


A portrait of budybeingyours from redditgetsdrawn. Her hair is long on one side - sweaping down to her chest. Hand on the back of her hat. In the background - a quick landscape sketch with water and mountains with circles inside mountains. It's missing clouds!


A character with no head but it has legs.


Hiragana pratice. I've been mostly filling out a sketchbook with characters.


A portrait of nimidori from redditgetsdrawn


A landscape with lots of drone like shapes in the sky.


Robotos with a circle cross mouth.