The end of June. This month I upgraded the Pis that I use for the digital painting. I now have two portable pi drawing setups. This allows me to draw with others. Here's the artwork that I have done in the past month:


Continue with the triangle shapes in the background, this time it is 3d pyramids. Water flowing to the foreground with a human figure. clouds in the sky. arrowhand The robot has an arrowhead as a hand. Only one arm. Circle mountains in the background. Some of them have circles covering the edge. Clouds in the sky with water flowing to the foreground.


Ann drew this. It is a digital version of a landscape scene painting. oneyebot

Random Hacks of Kindness sketch. Few characters, some water, lacking clouds. sun-spike Landscape. Character standing on water. Pointy mountains in the distance. Large sun with clouds surrounding. mountainrobot

Four mountains with snow on. Character with one glasses-horozion

Two characters. One with their arms up.


One robot with arms up. Circles coming up into the sky from the horizon line. Water sways to the foreground.