land shoulder paint

Digital Paintings completed this week. Here is three works. miluti-line   Line layer. The portrait takes up the majority. Her face is puffy compared to the reference photos. miluti-bw Grayscale tonal layer. Light skin tones with dark hair. Medium background and contrast light/dark water. miluti-colour Colour tonal layer. Yellow for the skin tones, pink for the hair. The sky is light blue with a darker shade for the landmass. The water is a different green than usual. lad-line   Line layer from imagination. Robot humans hovering on landmass. In the distance a line seprates the water and landmass/sky. The landmass is very spiky. Spikes come out of the sun in the sky. lad-gray Grayscale layer. Light for the sky with a medium over everything else. Maybe a darker tone could be used on the human robots. lad-color Colour helping separate objects from the medium tones. Yellow for the robots. Red for the landmass. Blue sky, with light green for the water. shoulder-line   Line layer. Girl on left, guy on the right. The reference was from getsdrawn.  The guy is wearing glasses. Lots of clouds above their heads. Water below. No grayscale layer for this work - straight into the colour. shoulder-colorColor layer. Mixed things up with giving her a blue skin tone. The guy gets the usual and has a yellow skin tone. Both have red for their hair. One mistake - her eyebrows are blue. They should be red. I used blue for the rims of his glasses. For the sky a bright blue. Green for the landmasses. Aqua for the water.