Landscape of the day

Yesterday I spend the day looking for my wallet that I've lost, working in Blender (video and screenshots coming soon), and digital painting. Heres the digital painting: Same idea to the recent landscape works I've been doing. Keeping it loose. I'd like to work towards having more in these - bridges, citys, characters/buildings etc... currently I feel it's just a landscape and I need to work on more detail (but still keeping it loose). Color added. Again similar colors to what I've been working on. The color helps the depth of the work helping enforce the perspective. Tones importrant. I've tried to varity the tone - especially on the hills in the distance - contrasting yellows and reds. Speaking of tone - the sky and water felt too flat... mixed it up and added in plently of white. This helps with depth to the painting. And finally a smudge added to it. I perfer the non-smudged version. I guess there is something about the raw brush strokes that I enjoy. The smuding kills it - especially in this one. Maybe if I had a larger range of colors highlights would show. One element I do like from the smudging is the water in the bottom right hand corner. It looks like it's turning into a waterfall, or at least a change in the water levels. I'd love to explore these ideas further and develop techniques to conveying a realistic scene with minimal time.