ldh marie

Attended Life Drawing Hamilton. The model was Marie. It was my first time drawing her. I have not attending life drawing much since my larger screen broke. It's much harder with the smaller screen. With the next life drawing I attend I will either use my dell laptop running linux mint or get a new screen for the pi.


knee pose. head twisted to the side. beginning draw background objects.


Started at the toes and worked up. The head is cut off, but that's ok because it's the legs that I normally chop. Chair and heater drawn on the right.


Two standing poses. Circles and squiggles surrounding.


Two portraits. The left feels clean and simple. Redrawing and excess of lines for the right.


Sitting front pose. Head is extra long. Drawing of rail and bush behind.


Warm up poses. Portraits and stretching upwards, fingers grasped.