Levin Church

I didn't do a concept art environmental work yesterday so wanted to make sure I did one today. I haven't been getting out and drawing on the street. I have been drawing everyday, but it's been at Mothers rather than public. I need to start getting back out in public and drawing again. Anyway, here's a painting I did today. For the reference I opened a bunch of drawings up and used them as reference to create a new composition. I could mashed these works together into GIMP and traced over, but just decided to just use it as reference. The drawings are various areas in Levin - including a Church that I went with family for a party. It's very rare that you will find me in a Church - but when you do, I'll likely be drawing. Line work. Size 7 pixels works best for me. The default 20px seems too large. Again, no black - just a lovely red. Tone added I worked over the trees several times with a range of textures as I was not happy with them. My favorite area is the letterbox - the range of tone works well. The image may need more detail on left, especially behind the figure. Color. Keeping with the same palette of colors - though this time I decided to use multiply and overlay brushes (like the portrait I painted yesterday . I used the  I'll keep working with the multiply and overlay settings as it gives the image a gutsy feel.  Finally, the video of the process: