Levin Rose

Digital painting fom the sketchbook reference. This was done a few weeks ago - I'm just catching up on the digital paintings I've missed uploading. So here we go - taking two drawings I did into GIMP - line, gratscale, and finally color. The left drawing is at the Levin Skate Park, the right is of the Levin Rose Gardens. Line added. No detail has been lost - I always try to capture all my pencil lines with the line process. Next up is gray scale tone. You can see along the top of the scene I've layered out all the colors and tone I'll use in this painting. This helps me keep my colors minimal and keep unity between the series of works. Comparing the tone to the line I notice that I do lose details in areas but the image has a more complete, and fleshy feel. I'm not sure how I feel about this. It feels empty, especially compard to the line verstion. Maybe there needs to be more happening in the background? Trees and objects scaling down into the distance. This is flat, but it's how I've always liked to work. Getting some depth may help rid me of the empty feeling I get. Or maybe it's fine as it is. Here's the video: