Levin sketched finals

Final works of this sketchbook. I've got a new book the same which I have started. This old sketchbook is falling to pieces so it's great to finish it and start a new one. All these works are around Levin, with a focus on tone. It certainly helps when I take these images into GIMP if I have some tone, gives me a better idea of what the objects look like. Here I'm sitting at the skate park looking towards the swimming pool. I filled the trees, car, and hydro slide with tone. This tone is certainly helping put the objects into the 3d space. Right side of the drawing. Quite a bit of information here but not as much as a focus on tone. I have to watch out for smudging, this is prob the worst thing about using tone. Using an HB helps - couldn't work with a 6b - even 2b would be a headache. This is the opposite view to the previous view. Here I'm sitting on a bench outside the swimming pool looking towards the skate park. In the background is the Farmers building. Rails from the skate park are on the left and right. In the front center - a tree which I've covered in tone. I've even added a shadow to this tree. I've been using different marks to show a range of surfaces - this is important for the grass and vegetation especially. Right side of the drawing. Finally a right side that I'm happy with. Probably one of my better car drawings. I'm not really a car person but happy to draw them if they are part of the scene. Again here I've added shadows the the trees and texture for the grass. Out the front of New World, looking towards Oxford Street. On the right is the Salvation Army sign. Classic favarites are all included - lights and street lights. I didn't spent long on this - was sitting up on the wall and wasn't the most comfy. Sitting outside the new Levin library looking towards an area I often draw. Mostly trees with the bottom scatted with cars.  Right side. Large pillar objects cut my view. I don't why  they made these useless boring objects. They are no fun to draw. White and plain. Waiting at the bus stop. On the right, part of the Focal Point cinema. The cars are the best thing. I've focused on the 3d shape they have. It was late and cold when I went out for this drawing. Left is part of the tennis courts. Time was spent capturing the large tree behind it - and filling with tone. On the right, a brick fence coming towards me. Top is filled with trees. Using a basic scribble movement to capture the grass and keep it separated from other areas in the drawing. And the final. Extremely loose with the pencil in this. There are areas I like, such as the very right side. Other than that. Onto the next book