Levin Street School

After uploading so much digital works lately I thought I'd better scan in sketchbook works. It's important to me that I can out of the house everyday with this sketchbook and get two drawings done. Not everyday this happens, but when it does I feel good. These works are all from various locations in Levin. Old letterbox in my Mothers backyard. It was a beautiful afternoon and I sat on the deck with my sketchbook, drank a beer, ate lemonades, and sketched. This is one of the more zoomed drawings I've done recently. The box was painted with spraypaint by me. The 'No Junk' is a Russian font I found on the internet and copied. View in the new library. I sat on the 2nd flour and drew the view looking outside. Lights were the main focus. Some vegetation/cars outside can be seen. 2nd part of previous drawing. Not so much detail as the previous page. Lights hanging down are plentyful though. I focused on scaling the lights in order to show the prespective of the room. It was certainly refereshing to draw a different scene over the usual light pole and trees. View of the Levin mall that I've drawn several times before. Focus this time was less on the building and more on the trees and car.  Front of the car, trees and vegetation in the background. Again, not alot of detail in this one. View of Oxford Street. I like how I've rendered the plants, It's created quite a mass of information  The top left is certainly missing information .. maybe I should of added clouds to this area. During this drawing I talked to a man called Rex. He has a video production company in Levin. I need to get in contact with him and visit his studio - should ring tomorrow. Scale! Light pole scaling off into the distance. I talked to Rex for sometime so headed home shortly after. Strugled somewhat with the right side. I'm really happy with the left though. so I guess it makes up for it. View from a seat on Queen Street. I've drawn this scene many times before, but it's always a new experience. This was drawn at home, in the tunnel house. I don't normally draw at home but it was a sunny day and I was relaxing with a Double Brown, talking to Dad and some friends from down the road. This drawing is of the wooden pillars in the tunnel house and a chain holding up a plant. Queen Street. My sister came for a walk with me and I brought her lunch. Sadly I had forgot my clutch pencil - it was a disaster. I was going to go home without drawing - oh the horror. But I decided to pop into a shop and buy a pack of two HB pencils. These were ok but I still preferred my clutch. I found it once I got home, we were reunited. Typical scene that I have been drawing recently, Subway is on the left. For the tree leaves I just made The right side of the page. This was a disaster. I got the perspective wrong and added the car in - when really the car is much further to the right. I tried to fix this by attempting to change the car into clouds. The poles scaling down are correct. Holley was getting cold and wanted to head off so I gave up on this one. Happy with the left page though I need to draw in a variety of locations. I get sucking into drawing the same scenes several times, which isn't a bad thing, but it is refeshing to draw something new, and keeps me on my toes. This scene is a drawing of a local school - Levin North School. I attended this school in the late 90s. It hasn't changed and it was nice to sit on the field and draw the buildings. Many wonderful memories here - mostly role playing television and movies characters with friends (Batman and Stargate SG1) I'm especially happy with how the building on the far left. It's working well. Looking forward to taking these drawings into GIMP and producing paintings.