Levin Tower Seq

I haven't been happy with the latest digital paintings I've been doing. It's been a struggle. Oh well. I got Dads scanner working on my laptop so I can go back to scanning my sketchbooks in. I did one street pencil drawing today - but spent the evening working from photo reference in my sketchbook. I'll get these images uploaded over the next few days. For now, a mash up of my drawings in a attempt to turn it into a scene.. This is the reference  I started with. I just imported the drawings into GIMP - scaled down - and decreased the opacity. The opacity is around 60%. In the background is a mid gray tone texture that I will use for the tone stage.. For now - line. Line. Still sticking with the red. I prefer it over the black. It's interesting mixing these drawings together - it's allowing me to work with drawings that are lacking detail. I'm not sure where I will go from here - but I feel I'm progressing with creating more complex and interesting scenes. Gray tone. I recorded the painting up to here but forgot to torn the screen recorder on for the color. I was frustrated with myself - normally I'm really good about recording all my digital painting. Like I said earlier  I struggled with this painting. And this is the stage I had problems with - more so than the line stage. It feels empty and lacking depth. My favorite area is the clock tower in the center. There is something about the tones working together - other areas lack the detail. I thought taking it into color could help fix this emptiness I felt - it only made it worse at first - but towards the end I started to get somewhere. Color. It certainly helps create a base. I still feel it's lacking.