Levin Tower

Awake early this morning - 5am. Wanted to get straight into the digital painting. I first checked Reddit SketchDaily - Free Draw Friday. Fantastic - can just do a street scene. I mashed together three drawings I did in Levin. This system of mashing drawings together is working out well - it's allowing me to cover more ground and use the drawings that I may not have used otherwise. The inking. I choose to use a brown over the black. It gives a more natural look over cartoonish. That's what I want. Having the lines in the first place is wrong, but it's been helpful for me to develop my work into more detail.  Gray-scale tone added. I used three brushes - two custom made flat brushes for the objects/sky and a vegetation texture brush for the vegetation (leafs). I should have added dark and texture to the sky. And color added. Same colors as the previous works like this.Not much happening in the foreground - focused on the background further by using a dark red in the clock tower in order to push it back. My favorite areas are the left and the clock tower. Check out this artists work And finally, the video of this paintings process: