Levin Updates

So back in Levin after the Wellington trip. I havn't gotten alot done since I've gotten back. Mostly rested and cooked a little. I've started getting into a route with digital painting. I'll get there Attempting to apply a few techniques from Bridgman - Guide To Drawing From Life. I looked though it when in Wellington City Library and back home got hold of a digital copy (though a physical book would be great). I've mostly been working in a new visual diary, making copys of his drawings. I'd like to do the same with digital drawings. Portrait practice. Was inspired to try a new color palette. It's very different to what I usually work with. Needs more yellows. Exploring the robot. Yellow and reds on the figure are familiar. Plenty of focus on the environment - sketches of areas. I have drawings in my visual diary that I should upload. Thought I'd better upload something tonight, and this was the only art I had done.