Life Model Monday

I can’t believe it’s Friday. A whole week has flown by. I haven’t felt I’ve updated or worked on digital works These are the life drawings for Dans class on Monday. The model was Loraine. I used graphite/colored pencil on brown paper. No paint. I love drawing. Enjoy Attempts at using curvy marks with the graphite. This is the hunky 8b. It’s shrinking. I got it during my time in foundation. Favorite of mine. Especially for warmups. It handles tone and light in longer poses. This was a longer pose. To draw for 1.5 hours of the same figure pose one must learn techniques of slowing down. I believe this is an important step as an artist – especially for me. I love long poses. I didn’t always love them. Techniques need to develop. Longer poses. One of the best things about a long pose is getting the work to a finished stage. I’m use to having drawings that look part finished. White charcoal for the light highlights. Using two colors makes it simple to mark the light and the dark areas. That’s really all  looking for with a figure. A white pencil is worth investing in. This would mix well with the colored pencil. With Oil paint I would add white to colors to gain a muted effect (also increases opacity). A goal for life drawing has been to capture more of the figure. I want to draw the figure highly representational. From there I can go anywhere. A classic style I have developed. This is with layering colored pencil and graphite, using straight line, tone shaded with lights and darks. This is what I started in Rogers life drawing class. It’s a chance to take this idea further – especially with long poses. Here’s taking it right back to basics. Looking at the poses with shapes. I don’t like this style generally but have found it useful for proportions and perspective. I’d like to take ideas from this and merge with a more tonal, organic looking being. Dan mentioned that it looked like the figure was dreaming… and I could add thought bubbles.