life paint gouache - brendon

I've photographed both of my current journals I'm working on currently. The first - a A5 shaped, rip able, thick. It's perfect for watercolor/gouache. Here's two paintings I've done in it so far: This started as a life drawing in Christenas class on Wednesday. I was happy with it. There was nothing that annoyed me about the image - it was a life drawing that captured most of the body, it had tone, it worked. I brought a red watercolor and white gouache in Wellington and had several colors of gouache On Sunday night when I arrived home from Wellington I decided to have a go - I used my large flat watercolor brush. I quickly worked over the drawing - similar to how I work with my digital paintings. Here's a landscape I did with the goache and red watercolor. Again, this is a very quick work with just minimal thoughts. Maybe more of these worked in the future - I'd like to transfer some of my street drawings into watercolor. It was a suggestion from Roger Key - though he would prefer me to use oil paint (which I should really do - I've had oil paints sitting here for over a year not being used.