Woke up not as early as I wanted to. I think it was 8:30. Freaked out as I went to paint and was unable to find my tablet pen. End of the world. I gave my room a tidy to find it - sure enough I found it under my keyboard. The freak was off. Here's the painting - ca.lvnrose.line This is the reference I decided to use. It's the line work from a painting last year that I wasn't happy with. View the post here. I imported this line drawing into a new GIMP file - slightly larger than the original so gave me room to work around the edge... add extras on. lvn-rework-line Here's the line done. As you can see the drawing has been extended at the bottom, adding in more vegetation and water areas. Other lines have been extended to fill in gaps. Figure added to the left. lvn-rework-bwAnd tone. I started with the figure on the left - the darkest gray. I then moved onto the sky and filled in the rest of the areas with tone. I experimented with making the tree branches in the same gray as the figure but it was too strong, dropped it down so it doesn't clash. lvn-rework-colorColor. I added red into, something I haven't been happy with. Decided to use my normal red and a black version, helps with making the color not so dominate and balance it out. Maybe a lighter version of the red? Two shades of green for the water. Yellow for vegetation, and blue for the sky. Here I'll include the painting I did previously from the reference: ca.lvnrose.ctoneAs you can see I've clearly improved since this painting. There is more detail, areas just made up, and a better sense of depth. I don't like the pink colors in this work either - the red is certainly stronger. And finally, here's the video: