Lynn Mall to Blender Model

I've been super busy in Blender. It's been a blast. PolyCount has been a big inspration. I feel things are starting to move forward. This post shows a scene I worked on yesterday with building stairs and a hand rail - using Concept artwork I drew in Auckland. I want to model more of my works in Blender - my skills will improve! The digital painting I used for inspration in the 3d work. I didn't copy it excatly but instead took the essence of it - the stairs, hand rail and pillar shapes. The scene developed as I worked on it - adding items that were not in the original scene. Creative freedom allows this!  Overall view of the scene - this was badly modeled and when it came to texturing it was a disastore. I used this as a first draft and remodeled the scene so I was able to texture it. Same scene. This is the ground view. I wanted to hand paint the entire scene. I enjoy digital painting and UV painting is something I need to learn. The remodeled scene. I basically split the scene up into areas, in the first scene it was all one big mesh - here it's split into tiny meshes to work with - the floor - three walls - several cubes for the internal walls, and the stairs. I just re-added the power poles and made them a more interesting with tilting (notice right) Ground view of the scene. On the right is the power pole - I added several more polys to it. I think a texture will be best though. Animation of the scene. I wanted to give first person a go. It would be super cool to add limbs and such to the first person view. So you felt you were really there. I read a great post on Reddit the other day discussing Why do developers generally not like to implement feet and torso for 1st person view?. I'll like to explore the first person view further.