I went to a digital art gallery opening on Friday night. I came prepared with my digital drawing setup. I had lots of interest in it with plenty of artists (and non artists!) giving it a go. There was others there using Wacom products - though they were on a much bigger scale and not open source.


Cat drawing. This was drawn after the gallery event outside a bar that wouldn't let me in. The girl that drew it was great. Randoms on the street, creating art.


Rose flower during the gallery opening. Certainly one of the more talented drawings of the evening.


The hello world of digital drawing on my setup.


lines and a heart


Portraits. Some of them may be of me - I was holding the pi/screen and artist holding wacom/pen and drawing. I would like to think they are portraits of me. Few wine glasses, which is appropriate since so much wine was consumed.


robots at the gallery. One of the only pieces of the night that I created.


so cute. these two girls had a dlr camera so I started talking to them about photography. They ended up drawing this. I like the four legged animal they drew - is it a horse or dog?


This was created by two children. Anyone can use my setup. It's impossible to make a mistake.