So I just did a dump of photos. I would of written more but my browser was going extremely slow and I just wanted to get something published. Anyway, I'm still at my Mothers home, and this is a painting I did before I left to Hamilton: mask-lineIn the reference the guy in the mask was standing in front of a farm like setting. I always go for reference on RedditGets drawn that has an interesting background, it just gives a setting to put the characters into. If there is no background I like to make something up.

I loved drawing the gas mask. It reminds me of something out of Fallout or Metro. Anyway, Onto the tone. mask-bw Tone. Again, making the character darker than the background. Helps in the contrast between the two subjects. For the background I did a  scribble effect for the objects in the very   backmask-color

Interesting to see color after spending so much time lately working without it. It's done me good though, and I'm excited for the next time I start using color again in my works. I think my tones have really improved by giving this focused look into tonal studies.

Lastly, something I haven't been doing when away - a video: