Model Mask

Continued with more digital painting today. I've been on such a roll it's just worth getting plenty done. Recently I uploaded portrait and figure drawings I had done several years ago. I decided to take one of these into GIMP and digitize. Since I need more figure works to use in my environment works I decided against a portrait - though I may come back to some of the portraits later. Here's the painting - girl-line Line. Overall I'm happy with the line - especially from the elbows down, the level of detail is working. The arms are a bit strange - even on the reference not alot was happening with them and seems to be dark to hide features.  girl-bw Grayscale tone added. The portrait looks great, I attempted to fix the arms somewhat by adding in a range of tone to them... I'm still not sure about them though. The chest and below has quite a steam punk feel to it. girl-color Color added. With the color layer I did something I had never done before in GIMP - used masks. With the mask I hid everything and then revealed it by painting. This allowed me to easily change the colors and have more control over the painting. I used this feature before in Photoshop... but that would of been a long time ago. I need to get into the practice of using layer masks for all my layer - line, gray scale, and color.