Reddit Gets Painted - Levin collection

More paintings from reference on Reddit. It's been a busy few days with these.thursday-beach-line (Large) These girls are having fun on a beach scene. I partially like the left post, the leg on the side is difference makes for an interesting shape of the figure. thursday-beach-tone (Large) Tone added. Dark highlights in the hair, shorts, and land in the distance. The white eyes look demon like. And the video:' Alright, onto the. next: tuesday-5-line-crash (Large) As GIMP was crashing I hit print scene in order to capture what I had done. I then reopened this image and just traced over it quickly. I keep my paintings under 20mins and the majority of that time is tone so losing a few lines is never a big problem.  tuesday-5-line3 (Large) The line is finished. This is one of my favorite line works I have done recently. Comparing it to the developed tonal version - the linework has far more happening. tuesday-5-line2 (Large) Tone. Her top is my favorite area. The water in the background is somewhat interesting as well. I'm not sure how I feel about her skin tones. There is something about it that's not working. The video: The request for this next one was a Left for Dead character. So zombies. I generally don't take notice of these requests but just paint what I see. I want to createa world for the character though TUESDAY-5-LINE (Large) Line applied. I struggled a with the head angle, as you can see the line work for it is a mess. I just drew the face twice, I could of rubbed out areas but I've been taught to use the eraser for effects only and not for fixing mistakes. I'm going over it with tone anyway. In the reference photo she has a dog in the background, I moved this dog to her shoulder. Kind of like a pirate and parrot. But Zombie Hunter and Dog. TUESDAY-5-TONE (Large) Tone. Background could have more in it? Maybe dark spikes poking out. Used elements from the reference in this - such as the clock, and tiled panels on the floor.  FEB-BOATTRIP-LINE (Large) Five people in this. Having lots of people is generally helpful as it can help with measuring one another. In the reference they \were on a boat so I kept true to that with creating land in the distance and water drifting into the foreground.  FEB-BOATTRIP-TONE (Large) Tone. I'm especially happy with the tone of the clothes on the left sitting figure, that mid gray and dark works together well. Instead of making the far left figure clothing white it may have been better to go with a darker tone - give some balance to the piece. And onto the Steampunk wedding: friday.steampunk-line (Large) Fantastic reference photo to work from. I especially enjoyed the clothing. The scenery around the figures was helpful, but sadly I lost the majority of the detail during the drawing and painting process. I'm still happy with this work. friday.steampunk-tone (Large)And tone. As you can see one of the only areas of the environment that was kept was the pillars, the rest has been transformed into a lake and land in the distance. And the video: Thanks for visiting. Till next time.