Napier gouache paintings

Blogs been neglected somewhat. I've been busy with Python lately - creating stuff with pygame. Here are paintings I did from life during my time in Napier. draw-hello Everyday I went for a walk when I was in Napier. Majority of these walks were into town - to the waterfront. It was very hot during the day so the evening was the best time for me to be outside - it didn't get dark till late.  napiour-watercolor-deco I painted the same landscape multiply times - the view was South. This was one of my first ones - where I'm still warming up  nap-watercolor-deco2 This was one of my first paintings I did in Napier. I did this outside a suburbs shops - so not directly in town. The paper only handles one layer of paint - I really should be using thicker paper.  nap-watercolor-land My least favorite out of the lot. nap-watercolor-land2 Right side of the previous painting. Capturing the trees scaling into the foreground. A nice blue would help.  nap-watercolor-street2 One of the major differences I notice with painting is the lack of detail I'm able to get - with drawing I can capture small drawings - painting tends to be more of a impression. I think I will always enjoy drawing more.  nap-watercolor-street Another street view. Paints great with how quickly it spreads. Roger always said 'painting is easier because it spreads quickly' when comparing it to painting. Very true - I can cover more of a area with paint than draw and not get tired.  nap-watercolor-landbest This was a favorite landscape. The reds in the sea helps.  That's all for now folks.