Napier Horror

So it's been sometime since I've done digital painting. I did plenty of it last year and felt I improved greatly. This year it's my goal to produce even more paintings. With already almost a week into the new year I thought I'd better get onto it. Sorted though my sketch book drawings I took them into GIMP and began a paint over process. Here's what I've done so far: nap-park- bwThis was one of my favorite drawings I did during my time in Napier. I had attempted to digital it in the past but was not in the mood. Having a holiday from the digital painting felt good, I felt refreshed. Sadly I wasn't able to use my favorite custom brushes in GIMP as they are only on my desktop, and I only have my laptop with me in Auckland. Once I'm home I'll transfer the brushes onto the desktop. My favorite area of this painting is the right side, with the large tree trunk I managed to create a interested texture (working 80% opacity). And the pole to the right of it worked out well. I created textures by using a range of difference marks - for example to create the hedge I used a dot action. This is something I want to explore further this year. PORTRAITSI received a new camera for Xmas. Decided to upload the photos I take to Stock Photography. These photos are licences under creative commons so feel free to do what you like with them, but I'd love to hear about it. I used a several of the photos I had taken to do some figure and portrait studies. It had been sometime since I had worked like this and I think it's always important to keep up with studies of people. The process is the same as always - red line, followed by gray scale tone. portrait2Here I added the figure and portrait to the Napier painted scene. I played around somewhat with scale and composition  I'l keep working on it. I also did a quick color paint over - red for the skin, yellow clothes, and blue for the background. For my Mums portrait I worked different - adding the yellow into the mouth area. Adds somewhat of a horror effect - something out of Hannibal maybe? That's all for now. I now have no excuse to work on a digital painting everyday and upload it - I have plenty of reference photos and drawings to work from. Almost forgot - I've recorded these paintings but have problems with Movie Maker on my laptop so unable to upload to youtube. Once I'm home  (later this week) I'll get them uploaded. I think it's better that I just get paintings done even if I don't get everything recorded than not paint. Stay cool honey bun.