Back from Napier. Visited my Granddad. I had my laptop with me but no internet - I noticed several shops in the CBD that offered free WIFI. I didn't worry - instead spending the time offline on my laptop and watching CI, Sky Sports (cricket),One News and the horse racing with Granddad. I got out each day and drew. Here are the street works from around Napier:   draw-hello2 Square. I sat here several times and drew. This was a favorite piece of mine. I'm looking forward to taking it into GIMP and painting over it. With the line I attempted to create a range of marks in order to show the texture.   nap-g Waterfront. Sitting on a bench and looking South. It was beautiful weather - especially in the evening. This is the left side of the page... I continued it onto the second. nap-e Plant in the foreground. I captured someone walking but - mostly to give proportion to the image. Thinking about it now - I really should of checked on life drawing classes. Oh well, I enjoyed the drawing on the streets. Plenty of people on the street that I was able to capture. napiior-aThis was on Friday night. I sat near a car park and drew the church and plants across the road. They had a water fountain that I especially enjoyed drawing. napior-bSecond page of the church drawing. Less detail in this one - just quicksb-lvnpol.m Before the trip. This was drawn in Levin. napior-c This was a night drawing. I sat on a street that reminded me greatly of Cuba Street. Looking out towards where I walk to my Grandfathers home. It's quite the wak, but I got out at least once a day. nap-draw-waterWater front drawing. I started with Gouache (work I'll post in a future post). People liked to come to the waterfront, many sitting and eating fish and chips. In this piece two figures sit and watch the hillsnap-draw-landscape2 Yet another waterfront drawing. One major difference I noticed with painting was the problem with catching small details - rather impressions of the area. I'll try to work with goauche more but /i do enjoy the life drawing to digital painting process.   I look forward taking these works into GIIMP. More drawings and start posting paintings later.