Notes: Speech for Nana

Nana is one of the most special people in my life. When I was a baby she looked after me and in her old age I spent time looking after her. I will really miss her. I have many special memory's with her As most of you know Nana was a very keen shopper and when I was younger we would often go clothes shopping together - partically farmers. If it wasnt for Nana I would of been a naked child. We often went for milkshakes as well. She really enjoyed being out and about in the shops. A week before Nana died we went on one last outing. I had to purcurch some socks and pants. Walking though the clothes isials she held her arm out touching the clothing. She had a big smile on her face and was doing what she loved - shopping. Like my father Nana had her run in with the New Zealand Police. One night I was sleeping out in her flat with her and she decided to go for a late night strol, in her BJs and barefeet. Police found her walking down Queen St ignoring the phone number on her walker they used their investagion skills and asked at a home she had stayed at. I awoke with three poice oficers in the room and Nana in a police vest. Nana was quite excited to have these young police officers looking after her. Rebel. Playing the videogame beatles rock band I would get Nana to sing the songs with me. She partacially enjoyed the song yellow submarine. After moving to wellington I would come up to visit her. She would greet with me a huge smile. During our hug she would smug my neck like a cat. It was always plesent talking to Nana. We never argued. I was fortunate to be with Nana when she passed. Holding her hand/stroke forehead. Reassuring her that everything is going to be ok and that everyone loved her. Her big brown eyes staring at me. I will never forget that moment. She looked so peaceful. I love you Nana.