Nude Wellington

I used GIMP on my laptop last night to mash together reference for the painting this morning. Preparing it last night meant I was able to get straight into the painting this morning. Here's the painting - Reference. I searched my laptop folders for files that I haven't used before - mostly life drawing works and such. I may as well use these works as part of the street scene works. Man of these drawings are not uploaded to the blog it would be helpful to get these uploaded. Back to the reference. I used oil pastel figures in the foreground on the left and right. I use a pencil drawing of skins character Cassie for the head on the right figure.  The drawing in the center was from my sketchbook - a Wellington drawing. At the top traveling horizontal is a photograph, I took this year ago of the Wellington Rowers building on the waterfront. Line. I had problems with finding line ares to trace - it's lacking information and compososion somewhat. I am happy with how the figures turned out - especially the legs on the left and the overall shape of the right. Tone added. Again I'm especially happy with the figure on the right and legs on left figure. The pole in the center, center left and left in the distance helps scale the piece - this is certainly good. There are areas in the environmental that needs more highlights - maybe where light is hitting. No color sadly - I've been bad with my file management and corrupted the color version. And finally the video: