Old Master Techniques

This evening I sumbedupon the site Drawspace. I checked their advance section – and found a section that looked at Old Masters. Last year I became interested with Old Master drawings – partially Rembrandt. Though I took a break from this over Xmas I’d certainly look into it again. I followed their tutorial on drawing a nose in the style of Da Vinci: With my digital works I have focused on painting techniques over drawing. This is much different to what I have done for SketchDaily and such. What do you think of it? I’ll certainly like to explore this line technique in future works. The next tutorial looked at drawing a babys head with similar techniques. I found a reference photo of a baby on DeviantArt and created this: Started with an off white – yellow background. Normally I make this textured with a large brush. Here I haven’t. I used the line similar to the nose study – though it’s rougher. The shape and direction of the lines show the shape I’m attempting to create. Looking at this now I notice I need to slow down and work on areas slower. I couldn’t leave this as is and added a color layer: The colour added. It’s just a single layer of color with no effects added to it. Maybe next time could experiment with layers of color and the use of the eraser tool to cut back into colors. Now I want to do a copy of a Rembrandt or DaVinci work.