Old Paintings: Part two

Part two of reflecting back at some older paintings. These paintings were done around the same time as the previous post. Last year I watched 5 seasons of the television show 'The Wire'. I never finished it off, maybe I should go back and finish it. Season one was the best. This is a portrait of two of the main cop characters from the show. More oil paint. This started with referece of a much younger me, my nana and another photo of nana. It morphed and changed though the layers, turning into something ghostly.Acrylic painting on a Friday. These were some great exercises and I regret not spending more life drawing classes with paint. Working within a time limit for painting taught me a lot. I didn't have the time to think and ponder, or layer up a work. Working on brown paper was somewhat limited but it didn't stop me. Most of the time I worked with thin acrylic paint as it allowed it move quickly and create cool dripping effects. This was a longer pose - perhaps up to 30 mins. The model is clearly James - a model I had often when coming onsite to TLC. In this painting there are areas where I have drawn in with ink - I can see this with the blue lines that I used to create the shape. I filled it with paint to create the tone. This is how I worked often with colored pencil as well. And a sitting pose. Plenty of grays are used in this with minimal color. I havn't started using my regular yellow for lights, reds for darks, and blue for negative color scheme in this - instead still exploring colors. And finally a oil painting. This was a study of figures. I left this painting at my last flat in Wellington. To the left you can see part of the painting I did of my sisiter - from the previous blog post.