Palmy Skate

I have been changing a few brush settings in GIMP to get different effects. Most notable I enabled opacity pressure sensitive. In the past I've always had this pressure sensitive set to just size - so the harder I press the larger the line. Turning both on really execrates the effect - the smaller line seems further away since the opacity is lower etc... I have also started using full screen mode in GIMP which removes the top bar - the result - the painting taking over my whole screen  Great. Anyway, I had to ink this work 3 times - my first three attempts resulted in my video file being over 2 gigs. I use CamStudio which has a bug in so that if a file hits over 2gig the file corrupts. I'm normally really excellent at not letting files hit this 2gig mark - but this morning it went wrong twice. CamStudio has a option to auto stop after a certain amount of time - I've got this set to 1700 - but it didn't stop for me! On to the painting: The reference is a combo of 3 drawings in total. The first is a drawing I did in Palmerston North sitting in the square. This is one of the rare perspective drawings I have done - the road fades off into the distance. I mashed this up with another two drawings of the Levin Skate Park. This is technically one drawing spread over two pages - but i scan them in separably. Opacity is dropped to 50% in order to seen drawings underneath. Line done. Holley saw me do this inking and liked it. The opacity changes certainly helps the line feel more flow. Tone added, Small detailed areas ignored and focused on large shapes. My favorite areas are the cars, Added vegetation to the foreground in order to help with the depth. Color. I had lots of fun with this. Mixed colors on the palate - something I don't normally do. Added a figure to the right - felt it needed something in the foreground. Certainty not my favorite work as I feel it's still too fuzzy. What if I used the smudge tool?