Panic Life Paint

Today I arrived back in Wellington. I attended Vincents. It was a female model – Lyn. Afterwards I found out that she was the mother of Pri – a girl who I went to TLC with. I painted - Gouache Photo of new watercolor brush – it’s a bright. And the gouache. Primary Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, and Burnt Sienna. 25ml tubes, costing 12 dollars each. These will last and I look forward to creating works with them. Here’s the first poses layed. These poses were 2 mins, standing. I changed color for each pose. This reminds me of the life acrylic painting. I was treating the acrylic paint very much like watercolor – think washes – allowing it to drip. Similar properties. The opaite nature of gouache will make it a interesting study. Portraits. These two were 5 min poses. I like that painting is quick – unlike colored pencil where it takes a long time to cover a distance – painting is quick. Strong straight lines created – especially on the leg. I do like those lines. A thumb study. I attempted blind painting – not looking at the painting paper but focused on the model. I’m going to practice this more with my life drawing and painting. I’m getting better at drawing/painting with my right hand so will practice blind more as well Looks a bit messy. Abstract painting anyone? This was done blind. Some interesting lines created here. I like the leg coming down – and the bend leg in front. This gouache is working for me. A longer pose. One of my favorite works of the night. Beginning to mix colors – beautiful green created. You can never not have enough blues. The negative space helps create a setting for the model. With the quick spread of the paint this is easy to create. Smile! Here I’ve warmed up and started to create finished works. This work is hanging on my wall. Wonderful from a distance. The figure is subtle the negative space (blue) creates a interesting shape that leads your eye around the piece. I like how it’s cut into several different shapes – build from triangles. This is why I like flat brushes – creates a sharp and defining edge. A sitting pose. Back facing me. This was the first time I had painted/drawn Lyn so was very refreshing. It’s what I enjoy about Vincents – a range in models. My favorite pose of the night. Lyn managed to hold this upside down pose for 10 mins. Very impressive.   I also painted landscapes today that I will upload in a future post.