Pencil Levin Mall

Spent most of my time this weekend at my Mums place - gave me a chance to scan in drawings that I've done recent around Levin. These are all drawn in my Landscape journal - sticking with just pencil. I used a HB lead - and two different pencils - my normal clutch pencil and a new .5 mm Mecanical pencil. I'm very impressed with the tiny and delecate lines that can be produced with the mecanical pencil - Reminded me I need keep sharpaned the clutch pencil. A view I've drawn several times - it's the view of the mall carpark. I started with drawing the lamppost and continued from there. The building in the background is the new community center - it will be open at the end of September. I used a simple straight line for this building but decided to develop other areas further with tone - the lamp post and the view of the ranges in the far background. For the leaves in the trees I choose to use circles - great way to practice curved lines. Second page of the drawing. The edge of the building, followed by the vew of ranges,  trees (to capture the leaves I just drew the overall shape). Branches are always the most fun. The closest lamp pole weaves amoungst these trees. Perspective! Same view as the privious drawing - but focusing on a different area. The camera has been lowered and turned to the left. I had problems with guessing the perspective and scale This side is very minimal. Trees stop and the building continues.  This was captured when sitting in the bus stop in Levin. Where the car is the exit and entry for the mall. A large tree sits on the corner with the cinema just fitting in on the right.The large street lights in the middle is one of my favorite objects I've captured. There is something about the looseness of the line that helps it stand out. Plenty of signs. Focal Point Cinema. I changed the signs somewhat - which mucked up the measuring. The sign on the left should be only two lines - but I've made it four. I focused on the roof - capturing the square shapes that poke up. The line in the back are the coragated iron shape.  View looking towards the swimming pool. I'm sitting on a chair with a CCTV camera hoovering overhead. It feels very invative being riabove the chair. The pole with signs on is a major part of this - signs pointing off into various directions. Queen Street, <- P, and showing the direction of a nearby old folks home. The pillars along the bottom is an archway entry. Trees scale off into the background with a street light pole and part of the playgound. Back of a sign in the forground. This was part of the roundabout. Several trees in the middle - towards the right is a street pole and behind that the swimming pool building.   View is from a seat in Rose gardens. The view is looking out towards the town clock. I started with the clocktower then building the forground,  before finally including the tree in the forground. This certainly helps with scale.  Trees. Building is here, but only minimal in the bottom left. The main focus here was the branches. I didn't get everything correct - but just made it up and hoped it would look alright!