Open licenced artwork by William Mckee


I spent the day drawing people on RGD and two strips of the comic PhilfromGCHQ. Here are the results:


Portrait of Zepril from RGD. Basic. I like her neckless. The eyes are a little strange with alot more marks than other areas of the page. Background is basic with just a square fence behind her, no landscape.


The original E86, and myE86 remix of PhilFromGCHQ. I liked the scifi aspects of the piece. The moons in the sky, along with the alien characters Aside from the bust, this is missing nudes.


I watched Season Two of Lost in Space, so this is a drawing I did during it. The center robot character has a circle face along with stars similar to the robot in the show. A full figure has been drawn several times. Along with wavely water and buildings with squares. In the sky - clouds.


A more basic robot in the center. couple of clouds in the sky, with squiggles for water in forground.


Drawing of caitie-p-sweets from rgd. I like the lean she is doing, along with the pattern on her shirt. Unlike alot of the portraits I’ve been doing I have managed to fit the majority of her body into the piece. In the background a shower curtain and walls.


Drawing of Hongle492 from rgd. I’m a little disappointed how her teeth came out - they are certainly one of the hardest things to draw. I was inspired by philfromgchq in the crossstriching for covering dark areas - shown here in her top. In the background - rectangles for bricks.


Drawing of Tikachu_ from rgd. I like the downward expression. Though the eyes were tough. Again cross sketching for her top. Plants and rectangles (bricks)


Drawing of emo-username. No hair but was able to do small dots instead. Nice eye movement to the right well looking left. Cross sketching for top again. Landscape in the background, clouds in the sky, and squiggles for water in foreground. Few mountains in the distance.


A drawnig of Tiffany.


e85 of philfrom gchq.