pi desk

So after over a month I have finally got my Raspberry Pi 2 B setup and running. I had problems with the power supply - 5v 2a is needed but all my powersupply had low a. The Pi is connected to a 17 inch monitor with a vga to html converter. GIMP is really all I am using it for. I have Raspberry Pi B+ with touch screen monitor attached that I use for reference photos. Anyway here they are, a mixture of from imagaination and getsdrawn paintings. bambrosephoto-line Bombrosephoto line layer. Glasses holding camera. Minimal background landscape. bambrosephoto-bw Grayscale. Ignored the background and just focused on the portraits. Keeping it simple and minimal. bambrosephoto-color Colour. New purple (modifed the red) for glasses. deskand-line Raspberry Head creature with walking desk and monitor. Line layer. Pillars in background. deskand-bw Grayscale. Spikes drawinpi-line Logos. Debian. Raspberry Pi. GetsDrawn. Just playing and getting use to tablet with pi drawinpi-bw Grayscale. The three logos again. drawinpi-color Color. Exploring purples and oranges. Green and Red for Pi. monkeys-line Taylor Swift. Landscape, imagaination. Robot on the left monkeys-bw  iwillgetyoufool-lineiwillgetyoufool-bwiwillgetyoufool-color