pi weekend

The Raspberry Pi digital painting setup is stable. I have been able to walk and draw with it - though not as steady as sitting down or standing sill. Majority of the art is from imagination but some are landmarks and GetsDrawn.com Enjoy - nychar-line   Mixture of monster robotic characters and portraits from GetsDrawn. I've added their username near the portrait. artctrl-line     It's been a long time since artcontrol.me: artwork of William Mckee has had a new logo. Using the Raspberry Pi and my Wacom tablet I traced over an old logo - to give it new life. This is the line layer. It's a little rough and quick, but the logo will cleanup on the grayscale tonal and color layers. I would never use a line layer as a logo.   artctrl-bw   Grayscale tonal. The R in artcontrol and the smaller text is a mess.   artctrl-color Colour. Using Green on figure. hunt-line   I will end with this. Red line layer. Characters for the gamejam Adventure Jam. It goes for two weeks. I'm not sure how much I'll get done - so far I've only produced paintings. The name of my game is Hunt For Naples Yellow. The name is inspired from the film The Hunt For Red October and named after my digital painting/python dev pi machine - naplesyellow. Naming all servers after colours. Crayons.   nychar1-bw