Power Pole Giants

Yet another painting. I've been doing a few. I want to do a painting marathon - maybe stay up all night and produce one painting every 20 mins. It might work better to make it a monthly goal. In one month complete how many paintings. I know Feng Zhu suggests working on five paintings at the same time - spending 20 mins on each for an hour. In one day I need to paint 30 paintings. If each painting took me 20 mins I would need 6 hours. I use to life draw for 6 hours no problem so digital painting in that time is even easier. I think the problem I have is moving onto the new piece. Of course breaks and upload/export/blogging time has to be added. I may also want to spend more than 20 mins on some of the paintings - and that's great if I can develop them further. Once I have started a painting I generally don't want to stop till I've finished it. Let's get into this painting - SEASHIP-LINE I worked differently with this. Not a large amount of changes - but instead of starting with a white background I went with this gradient. It's several gradients layered - all the colors I am going to use. I guess this gives me a base to work from. From here I can just build up the scene. I need to do this same idea with Alchemy paintings. SEASHIP-LINESOK I went with the water and ship idea again - this fits with The New World sub-theme  I sketches in lines in random directions in order to create a scene.. For the people I used thicker blobs. They look like they are traveling to the land on a ship. The background has long skinny structure's - they could be poles or telephone lines. SEASHIP-LINES12 I went with the telephone line idea for the structures in the background.I like the loose, rough nature that I've got - especially with that black. So what's in the scene? SEASHIP-COLOColor added. I decided to balance the color - especially that red that can be dominated in areas.