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Just a short one today. I think It's better that I keep with these short blog posts rather than large 10+ paintings that just overwhelm me when typing and I end up giving up on the typing and just publishing it. So yesterday was a slow down in the painting  I did 4 paintings in total but had problems with the computer and had the computer crash on me. Shame really, as I was happy with a few. But one worked out OK, no video due to going over the 2000mb cap (added color and got distracted . Anyway, enjoy - tuesday-pres-ref Reference photo. Reddit user Volume_Beat submitted this photo. Read the comments for it here. I noticed this photo straight away when scrolling through the photos - I had to paint it. It's an interesting pose (hand and expression), background is unique (I've never seen another presidential photo like this. And multi figures!! The lighting is OK, I can get three different types of tone from his face which is better than most that have the one washed out tone.TUESAY-PRES-LINE (Large)Line. Added the president figure in first before working on the environment and second figure. For this work I changed some settings within GIMP - experimenting with the angle and aspect ratio of the brush - something I've never touched before. It doesn't effect the line but the next stage...TUESAY-PRES-TONE (Large) Tone. I'm using my usual brush but have it rotating around depending on velcoticy. It's made me want to explore the Paint Dynamics editor further. In the past I've used it only for pressure size and opactiy pressure. Plenty of other settings I need to experiment with as well. TUESAY-PRES-COTO (Large)Color. It's been over a month since I've used color in my work so great to get back into it. Focusing on the black and white tone has taught me to increase my range of tones in the work. Moving back into color I'll look into using a range of tones of colors rather than just the washes of color over the work. It allows the color work to stand out further.