Print Digital Strd

Digital works that I worked on last night. I have the flu so havn't been drawing (or even leaving the house). I'll keep warm and recovery should be fine. Here are some JPGs and GIFs.... This was originally created in Printmaking in 2010. Several lithograph prints were created from it. I decided to open it in GIMP and produce a paint over. Though it's the same process as the sketchbook to digital works I've decided to use a different yellow - to explore greens. The GIF. The first frame is the original print, followed by white, blue, yellow, and line. Sketchbook development here. Interesting mix of trees and buildings. No blue. Maybe it should be added. GIF of the work. Sketchbook, white, yellow, green/light gray/mix gray, line. Cuba Street. What interesting shapes can be created? GIF of the work. Sketchbook, white, blue, blue (I did the background twice), gray, green/yellow, line.