Open licenced artwork by William Mckee


I decided to move back to New Zealand. I have not had a job since March and there is more support for me in New Zealand. I miss Sydney alot. Especially my friends and traveling around Sydney. I hope to go back in the future. I have been in a hotel for the past two weeks. I connected my raspberry pi to the hotel tv and did digital drawing - the reference i used was portraits on redditgetsdrawn.


I portrait of kt_jp on rgd, I liked the neon lights behind her, the animal hat and the circle glasses.


A portrait of gabriellewho19 from rgd. I liked the internal building elements in the background.


A portrait of losercase from rgd. I like her diamond shaped glasses. They are not circle, but jagged. Very unique.


A portrait of chaohaiou from rgd. I like her blink of one eye.


A landscape with a person on it.


A landscape with no people.


A portrait of teaforte from rgd. I like her outfit and the way her hair is tied up.


A portrait of personwithissues101 from rgd. I like her circle glasses and the landscape in the background. There is land in the distance, water to the right. and land in the center.


A portrait of htttayp from rgd. I like her bust and the way her arm reaches behind her back.


A portrait of daphne666 from rgd. I like the side angle and the flowers on her outfit.