Part two of my Reserve Bank portraits for GovHack. This is the management that I did not finish on the 2nd day of the events. I would like to continue these and draw researchers from RBNZ. This is all the management finished though.


Only two woman are on management. Glasses on this one. The last few portraits wore glasses which was fun to draw. Had issues with the neck but whatever. Beads are a big thing.


More hair than the previous. Caused a cut off of the forehead. Lindsay Jenkin. Head of Human Resources.


Ten suns. I had someone ask me at govhack why there were more than one suns. Fantasy. Mark Perry. His tie had a circle pattern so it matches the suns.


Mike Hannah did not shave this day. Beards are fun to draw though, this one isn't long though. Head of Communication, Board Secretary.


Mike Wolyncewicz. Nothing on the background. This was the last portrait I drew at govhack so was very tired. He has a great smile. It was a challenge to draw!


Patrick Hoerler. Head of Risk Assessment and Assurance (RAA). Almost no hair so that made it each. Created water and hills but no suns.