Red Lake

Currently sitting in Levin library. Thought I'd better make a post since it's been a few days. I've been more focused on Python code recently than painting. I feel I'm making some large strides forward with Python. Anyway here's a landscape painting I did from imagination.    I sniped the line and when straight to tone.. This is quite different to how I usually work - focusing on similar techniques as Feng Zhu - creating chaos and attempting to create a scene out of it. This is something I need to practice, maybe using some of my sketchbook works as inspiration but not painting over them. I used a range of crushes - a custom flat brush that I often use in my works and also chalk - another brush I commonly use.  Color. The colors used - blue for the sky, yellow for the pillars and ground. I've also go a red along the bottom - this could be some sort of river or lake. That will do, back to python code. Before I go here's the video: