Reddit SketchDaily bonus DA

I've really gotten back into SketchDaily on Reddit. They are having a month long Monster Girl theme happening... really motivates me to work on something everyday. Here's the work so far. All painted in GIMP with my old Wacom CTE-440 tablet. Harpy. Experimenting with some different colors - most notable the purple. Centaurs.Added in elements of my street drawings into this. Beautiful on the inside and Slime People. Inspirted by Da Vinci anatomy. Colors used tryed to convay slime. That yucky green/yellow. Sketchdaily work for today. Snake People. Noses. As you can see these creatures have a lack of noses. Inspired by a snake head (used a snake head as reference) then imaganation from there. Experimented with mixing colored together - red and blue to get the purple and a combo of yellow, red and blue to get the washed out red (background). This wasn't for Sketch Daily but it was still painted for a Reddit user. I'd like to improve this doodle - think of those 6-7 year old kids, imagination overflowing, and having adventures everywhere... Response I got for the work:

 Thank you very much! (I already replied, but see it's not here - so sorry for the delay!) It reminds me of "Monkey's Island" for some reason :D  
Being on a roll I decided to go do some painting on DeviantArt forum DrawPLZ. The user here asked for a Octopus. Another DrawPLZ work. Painted one of their characters. Draw your or my OC with headphones! Here are a bunch of Videos of the painting Progress. Enjoy: