Reddit Sketchdaily - End Sept

Hello. It's been sometime since I have done the Reddit SketchDaily challanges. End of last year I was doing them regularly. But I got sick it. Lately I've tried to get back into it, just for something more. September 24th - I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends. I choose to draw my friend Amanda. I met Amanda during my time at TLC. I had used these colors before in other paintings. It was nice to work from a photo reference - something different to the usual drawing reference. September 25th - Organic-ification. The idea behind this was to create a organic vechal. I started with a basic car design and colored with these tree inspired colors. I could of gone further and tried to make the car more tree like. September 26th - Gradients. I took a recent drawing I did of a family friend - Hannah into gimp. Since the theme was gradients I used a light and dark of each color. This is my favorite of the set. Here's a video of me painting two of these. Sadly the video of Amandas painting became corrupt.