RedditDrawn Doubles

Good morning. The art creation has been slow as of recently. I even tried to draw last night. I sat on a table and had my sketchbook and clutch pencil. I just couldn't do it. I was unable to draw. It frustrates me. So I have very little new art to upload, so here are some works from GIMP that I did several weeks ago - they have just been sitting in my drafts - may as well get them posted. Focus on scale with the shoulder - the perspective seems to be working - large arm (almost too large!). I like this piece, something about it - that cartoonist feeling happening. Grayscale added. I used a dark gray for the darks and a mid gray for lights, didn't bother with tone on the shirt (just left it white) - negative space creates the shirt. In the background I went with a very light gray. One area that is frustrating is the nose - I've gone in with a black and it stands out like a sore thumb. This should be dark gray. Color added. I kept with color I was use to - dropping their opacity to 20% and using them as a wash over the gray. Yellow for the skin and blue for the background. Maybe I should of gone in with a red in areas? And the video. Enjoy. Another portrait. This time was a double. I like drawing multi figures in a piece - makes it easier for measuring! Sorry there is no line for this. Make a mistake and painted the gray over the line - losing the line. There is evidence of the line in there! It must have been a bad day when I did this as I have no color version of the work. Oh well, here's the video: Video. Have a great day.