Redditgets drawn - part two

Here are a bunch of portrait paintings I did at the end of October. I kept with similar colors though the pieces - like the scape works - certainly helps the harmony of the overall look. The cat was expecially nice to draw. More people need to upload portraits with their cats. I like this portrait. She looks similar to an old friend - Sky. With all these portraits I started with the line - then grayscale tone, then finally color. It's a process that works for me. Sadly I didn't preserve the line or grayscale layers - something I've been doing regularly with the digital street works. I think it's importrant to keep these underlayers because it may be helpful to go back to the line work and re do the tone and color in future. Who knows what will happen with them? Work mates. Comment I got for the work:

thanks! it is pretty fun! We all had a nice laugh at the essence of each of us that you caught, got a nice convict-y feel ;) Thanks so much!  
It's great when people point out things I don't notice - such as the prison look. Those oranges and yellows do it. Bad ass.   Top of the image is damaged - GIMP does a strange glitch with switching between brushes/colors when I'm working on the edge area. I just try to avoid the edge - can always just crop it down. Video of the painting process. Remind me when I was drawing at Matchbox Gallery and had 6 people in one drawing. More people is easier - makes the measuring easy! No reds in this. They may help in the face?