RedditGetsDrawn May

So I'm back in Levin. The art being updated here has been slow. I haven't been getting out and drawing. Althought yesterday I decided to use my old tablet and record some digital painting. Reference used was portraits from RedditGetsDrawn. It's been months since I've recored videos of my digital painting. Hopefully I get my new tablet returned to me soon - I've dropped it off at MightyApe. Just got to wait for them to fix it and return. Anyway, here's some digital painting - may-twocouple-linemay-girlport-bwmay-girlport-linemay-glassescool-COLORmay-glassescool-linemay-taylormay-taylor-bwmay-taylor-colormay-twocouple-bwpainr