Currently sitting in the library in Levin. I took a bus down last night. Before leaving I spend majority my time digital painting. Working from reference on GetsDrawn. I've been finishing all three layers in the paintings, and getting several paintings complete a day.TheBeachWhale-line   TheBeachWhale line layer. Girl on the left, guy on the right. In the background is a landscape. Land mass emurge from the horizon. Below is water flowing the foreground. Clouds are spotted around the sky. TheBeachWhale-bw   Grayscale tonal layer. Light for the skin, dark clothes. The horizon line upwards is medium dark with the water below light. TheBeachWhale-color   Colour tonal layer. Keeping with the usual colours. Yellow for skin, red for hair, blue for horizon line upwards. RileyByrdie-line Line layer. This is a rare one and I did no background landscape. The drap was interesting enough to drawn. I don't get to draw feet often either but for the I did. They are on the same level as the head. RileyByrdie-bw Grayscale tonal. Light for the skin, dark for hair. I treated the cloth the same as landmass and made them dark. nasa-line Line layer. Guy on the left wearing a NASA tshirt. Girl on the right wearing glasses. Horizon line in the distance seprates the landmass above with the water below.  nasa-bw Tonal Grayscale. Toned back the background with less clutter than the line layer. Dark for hair and clouds. Light skin with medium shirt. Dark landmass and light water. nasa-color   Colour layer. Simple with red for the hair, yellow skin, and blue sky. Didn't bother with colour on shirt and water.