Robert - Monday Term 1 2012

It's block week at TLC and Robert has a model Monday (3hours) and Tuesday (6hours). Here's my life drawings from Monday. I decided to keep exploring oil pastel - though I decided to start with an HB pencil and create figures out of straight lines. Getting the full figure down wasn't a focus - instead I focused on capturing limbs (something I feel I'm weak at). If I had time - tone was created with oil pastel. Yellow was used for light and a red brown (it looks purple) for the darks. I used a flesh tone over these to blend the works. Blue was used for the negative space. These are warmups. Quick poses - 30 seconds roughly. These are all completing with my chunk of 8b graphite. As you can see - limbs were a focus. More warm ups. But some development is happening. Oil pastel is used to look at tone. The middle drawing of the back of the lower body is the strongest and most developed. The blue contrasts well against the yellow and orange. These are longer studies. I focused hard on looking for lights and darks and capturing them how they are. I feel my eyes are getting better at picking these ideas up naturally. A white tone has been added over these - I don't like it as much as the powerful reds that were created with mixing the yellow and pink together. Maybe if I had applyed the white over the red? The final works for the day. Some I feel are becoming too flat with color - in some ways I like the bottom right drawing the best (though the lines are messy). More depth is needed.