Ruined Cutie Warped Conecpt Art

For the game jam #ruinjam I worked on concept art for a project I called Ruined Cutie Warped. No 3d models or game design was completed. image One of the first drawings completed for the project. For this I used Ruinjam environment artwork as reference. image Again reference inspired from ruinjam site. This included the jams mascot. This character is drawn and morphed into all concept art development. image This was drawn at Fairfield Community Centre. It is created with felt pens. On the right is a character from a book. Skin tone is yellow and background blue. The left is a humanold figure with wings. A child colored it in for me. Landscape was added with red pen. image Aladdin and Raspberry Pi. This is 2H pencil on A3 white paper. Watched scipy2014 well working on this. Added quotes from the video.