Sketchbook Travels

I'm currently in Auckland. I got a new camera for xmas so able to take plenty of photos. So far I've taken over 1500. When away on holiday like this I don't spend much time on the computer but here are drawings that I have done recently: DSC_0016 View of the hills from my Mothers home in Poringa. I didn't get much drawing done over xmas, instead I spent the majority of the time on the computer working with pygame. Over the past few day's I have been taking plently of photos of enviorments that I plan to use in my artwork somehow. So the drawing has been low.  DSC_0017 The other side of the page. Very minimal lines in this. I'm not sure if I will do much with it. It's quite boring. DSC_0018 Another view from Mums home. This was a closer view. To the right is a concrete mixer, very top the sky, and below vegetation. DSC_0019 I'm happier with this one. Far more structure to the piece. The concrete mixer was fun to draw. It was similar to drawing cars, but a different shape. To the right of the mixer, a concrete wall in progress. Bottom is grass. I used a straight line vertical stroke to show this. I only drew part of the grass so repeating mindless tasks like this calls for a for loop. Here's dreaming. DSC_0020 Another drawing of Poringa. I started with drawing part of the neighbors house and drew vegetation  fences and the hill behind it. A fence ran all the way across the top of the fence. DSC_0021Right side of the previous drawing. Not as much happening here, I guess I lost interest and  went inside to the computer. The very left is a power pole, followed by vegetation  At the top the fence continues along The hill twists and turns. DSC_0861This was a drawing I did in Hamilton. I spent the day there before traveling to Auckland. Nothing much happening here. Lets move on. DSC_0863Another Hamilton drawing. Again, very minimal. I wasn't really in the mood for drawing so closed the book and walked. DSC_0864DSC_0867This was drawn in Hamilton at the base. My Mother, Sister went shopping and I was free for several hours to draw and look around the shops. It was a beautiful day in Hamilton and I enjoyed drawing the store fronts. This is a drawing of a clothing shop well drinking a glass of water and eating a scone. This will do for now