Sketchy Sketchy Levin

Some recent pencil works in Visual Diary. These works were done well in Levin, mostly from watching television (yay Breaking Bad) and a select few from outings in Levin. Here I sat in the carpark near the Cinema and drew the new community centre that's being made. It opens towards the end of September. I'll be interested in check it out when it's done. Though I think too much money has been spent. Wasted local govt money. I read a article saying the place will be equipted with the latest 'macs and pcs'. That statement along frustrates me. They should install Linux on all the computers rather have a mixture of 'macs and pcs'. I used my clutch pencil in this - keeping the lines clean and tidy.  I recieved a spiderman toy from Mums. It's arms and legs move in 3 places, head rotates and waist. It makes good referce. I'll like more toys like it for pratice.  Portraits and character development. I'll likely take these further in GIMP. More ideas on exploring character constriction. The idea is to create more 3d character on paper. This will make it easier when taking the works into blender. Escape the sandstorm EOW. It was a great theme and I wish I had digitalisted these works earier the week. I'll see how I get on this weekend but may have time to work on a digital version for the theme. Got the goache out. Goache in Visual Diary isn't bad, though I can't layer it. Praticing poses.  More goache. The brush I'm using is my largee blight brush. It allows me to use the corner so I can create small mark as well as the whole brush to create a large stroke. Amazing large brushes. The beach in Levin. I went out last weekend with Mum, Luke, and Roger. On the right is Rogers car, with the view of land in the distance. Water separates the sand in the foreground with the land in the distance. Again another work I'll take into GIMP. Breaking Bad sketches. I like watching tv shows and movies. Having the sketchbook in front of me when I'm watching is helpful - it's great practice for multitasking and for quick sketches. Develop an idea of what a character looks like from a range of angles/zooms. Stan Lee Portrait and Spiderman. I was going to post this on the Stan Lee AMA on Reddit when he does it.