Currently at Linux Conf Aus 2015 in Auckland. Here are several paintings that I completed before I left Hamilton. I've brought my dell laptop to Auckland but have yet to power it up. Enjoy the painting of skylarwolfe97   skylarwolfe97-line Line layer. Portrait in the foreground. Horizon line seprates the landmass and water. The most interesting shape is on the left. Boulders build up with spiky circles above. Tubes connect the spiky circles. The face looks screwed up but it looks better with Why does her face look muddy. Looks like a mozaic skylarwolfe97-bw   Grayscale tonal layer. Light for the water and the sky. Dark hair. Landmass is medium. Dark clouds in sky. skylarwolfe97-colour Colour layer. For the eyes - blue. Yellow for the skin tones. Red for the hair. Blue for sky. Green water.